Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PR - the complete guide

So.. I guess you heared the word "PR" many times but you didn't understand what is the meaning. So.. In this article I will explain all about PR - or the full meaning of it - Page Rank.

Page rank is a number between 0 to 10 which google gives to websites. 0 is the lowest rank of PR and 10 is the highest. 

I want PR 10! How I can do it?
Unless you are facebook or google or one of the most popular website in the world - you can't. but you can start your way into it - all you need to do is to get quality content to your website, build backlinks, and be trustworthy. Make sure you site is unique, people know your brand, and you will be on the top. Don't link to spam websites and build your content with quality, not quantity. Get safe traffic from google search result and links from other websites. Don't get links from spam websites, only from good once with quality content and old. 

Who got PR10?
Sites like facebook and google has pagerank of 10. 

What does PR helps?
It don't. just it's a number people like to know - to check if their website is trustworthy. there are ways to fake PR but you shouldn't do it because you might be sandboxed.
If you will have real PR 6+ website, it might worth a lot :)

Good luck!

Friday, November 29, 2013

How to choose the right domain

Dear readers,
In this article I will explain how you can choose your own domain name, and how to choose the right domain for you. Lets start!
First of all, you need to know what is your website target audience. I mean, if you are going to make an international website available for all countries and targeting visitors worldwide, The following domain extensions can be good for you to use:
They are the most popular domain extensions. Domain name extensions like .info or the cheap LTD's arent reommended because google will give you lower rank.

Don't forget, if you need to buy cheap domains you should always try Rapid Host cheap domain service, where you can get awesome service of web hosting and cheap domain registration. Don't miss it.

On the other hand, if you target your website to specific country visitors you should pick the LTD's available in your country. For example, in United Kingdom the main domain will be .co.uk. Another example, in Israel the domains are domain.co.il - and there are domain you can even type your own language in the URL.

So.. what are you going to choose? Whatever LTD your going to buy, always try to think about a domain name that you will have easy time to remember. The more easy to remember it is, the more visitors will remember it. For this reason, you should try and make your domain name as short as possible with as much as meaning as possible.
For example, let's see the domain: facebook.com. It's not long, and it contains 2 English workds which are easy to remember: FACE and BOOK.
Another example of good domain which is easy to remember: eBay. It contains only 4 characters and 3 of them is "Bay" which is english word releated to the website. They just added an "E" to the beginning and here you go.. awesome domain name which is easy to remember.

Good luck with your domains! Choose them wisely.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to my Domain blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my Domain Blog!
In this blog I will disscuss everything releated to domain names, web hosting, and I will give alot of usefull tips for domain name registration and more you should know before making a new website or getting more traffic into existed website.

Domain names are very important. People are not aware of their importance. If you have a short, easy to remember domain name - the traffic of your website can be +200% than a long url which is hard to remember. If your new to domain names, You better try and buy cheap domain from Rapid Host and start making your own website with your own domain name. at Rapid Host you can buy domain name for just 3.99$/year for .com,.net,.org LTD's.

In addition, GoDaddy & NameCheap are another companies who can sell a domain for you, I had experience with both of them and they are both reliable. All you have to do is look for the right domain name for you, try make it as short as possible with a meaning, and buy.

In my next posts I will disscuss about updating DNS (nameservers) to a domain which is neccessary if you want to make your host connected to your domain (how the URL will know where to point?)
Hope to see you in my next posts,

Good luck!