Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to my Domain blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my Domain Blog!
In this blog I will disscuss everything releated to domain names, web hosting, and I will give alot of usefull tips for domain name registration and more you should know before making a new website or getting more traffic into existed website.

Domain names are very important. People are not aware of their importance. If you have a short, easy to remember domain name - the traffic of your website can be +200% than a long url which is hard to remember. If your new to domain names, You better try and buy cheap domain from Rapid Host and start making your own website with your own domain name. at Rapid Host you can buy domain name for just 3.99$/year for .com,.net,.org LTD's.

In addition, GoDaddy & NameCheap are another companies who can sell a domain for you, I had experience with both of them and they are both reliable. All you have to do is look for the right domain name for you, try make it as short as possible with a meaning, and buy.

In my next posts I will disscuss about updating DNS (nameservers) to a domain which is neccessary if you want to make your host connected to your domain (how the URL will know where to point?)
Hope to see you in my next posts,

Good luck!

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