Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PR - the complete guide

So.. I guess you heared the word "PR" many times but you didn't understand what is the meaning. So.. In this article I will explain all about PR - or the full meaning of it - Page Rank.

Page rank is a number between 0 to 10 which google gives to websites. 0 is the lowest rank of PR and 10 is the highest. 

I want PR 10! How I can do it?
Unless you are facebook or google or one of the most popular website in the world - you can't. but you can start your way into it - all you need to do is to get quality content to your website, build backlinks, and be trustworthy. Make sure you site is unique, people know your brand, and you will be on the top. Don't link to spam websites and build your content with quality, not quantity. Get safe traffic from google search result and links from other websites. Don't get links from spam websites, only from good once with quality content and old. 

Who got PR10?
Sites like facebook and google has pagerank of 10. 

What does PR helps?
It don't. just it's a number people like to know - to check if their website is trustworthy. there are ways to fake PR but you shouldn't do it because you might be sandboxed.
If you will have real PR 6+ website, it might worth a lot :)

Good luck!

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